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November 03, 2022

How to stay healthy while working from home

We've put together a helpful guide that anyone can follow to immediately improve their health during this unprecedented period of working from home.

Working from home has become the new normal for millions of people around the world. A lucky few have dedicated home offices, but for many, the choice of workspace is on the couch, bed, kitchen or dining room table. Staying at home also affects how much we move around during the day. This can seriously damage our bodies, affecting our posture, muscles and overall health.

Stay off the couch

Experts agree that your couch is the worst place to work consistently, affecting your posture almost immediately. The comfort provided by the couch also discourages you from moving, making the situation even worse. If you have other options, such as a kitchen table, choose that place to work.

Using the right equipment

Initial predictions of one to two weeks of working from home are being extended, with some predicting months, or even longer, before people return to the office. What this means for employers is that they will need to conduct proper risk assessments of their employees' work environments to ensure that their health and well-being are being taken care of. Without basic equipment, claims from workers who believe their health is at risk could increase dramatically.

An adjustable chair

An adjustable chair is the most important piece of equipment you can use to reduce your health risks. A proper office conference chairs will give your body the right posture, encourage movement, and improve concentration and productivity.

Keep moving

Your body craves movement, and sedentary behavior can be extremely damaging to our posture and overall health. When you work from home, you are more isolated and have no reason to exercise, so make sure you discipline yourself to keep moving, at least once every half hour. You don't need to do a full workout, just some stretches to keep your body, especially your spine.

Get fresh air regularly

Incorporate as much fresh air into your exercise breaks as possible. Get out of your garden or balcony, or your front door step, or simply take a moment to lean on a windowsill and get some fresh air - it will do wonders for you.

Stay in touch

Working from home can be a lonely experience, so make sure you talk to your colleagues regularly, especially those you may find more difficult than others. There are many online tools for making voice or video calls - take advantage of them.

Get in shape

When the workday is over, it's still important to stay fit and happy. Less exercise means that now more than ever, we should take care to exercise regularly. If you can, take a long walk at the end of the workday or before you start. You can also take advantage of the numerous online exercise classes that have sprung up around the world, as fitness professionals offer their services to help people stay active.

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