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November 15, 2022

Break areas and coffee breaks: the importance of office comfort 

The break area is an essential element in any office, as it combines the cosy atmosphere of home  with the productivity of the office . Although it was originally intended for freelancers, is now represents an essential part of many company philosophies.


Its importance is recognised by most businesses, regardless of their size and number of employees, because coffee breakes represent one of the many elements that increase well-being at work.

The Benefits of Office Coffee Breaks

Coffee break is a time full of benefits that can give a company a real competitive advantage. Here are four reasons to plan it carefully.

1. Socialization

The informal setting of the coffee break allows for a more casual way to build new relationships between colleagues in different offices and to strengthen the sense of belonging to the company.


Rather than wasted time, the time spent chatting helps strengthen the corporate culture: it is a team-building moment that enhances trust and cooperation among members of the work group.

2. Conversation

Often, during a coffee break, we can meet colleagues from other departments with whom we have not had the opportunity to confront due to commitments, travel, or busy schedules.


A few minutes in the break area allows for a more direct and relaxed discussion, bypassing the formalities often required in structured meetings.


It is also possible to develop problem-solving skills and reduce the time required for more complex projects.

3. Productivity

According to the study, taking breaks during work hours, especially to drink coffee and chat with colleagues, can increase productivity by 73%.


Caffeine intake is the primary factor, as it helps with concentration and memory, reduces fatigue and improves responsiveness. All of this translates into faster, more accurate work.

4. Emotional

Having a place to relax away from one's desk can be particularly helpful for one's mental health in the office. The smell of coffee, the possibility to chat with colleagues, and the ambience away from the desk are all factors that can improve people's moods and limit stress.

The world of work is changing and becoming less formal; alternative solutions to the traditional office environment, including conference rooms, are in demand.


While it is important to provide alternative spaces, the work café is also evolving and can be a unique and productive work environment that can meet a myriad of needs, taking into account different habits and meeting types.


Another aspect to consider when designing a breakout area is that it must be informal, functional and comfortable.


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