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December 05, 2022

10 Ergonomic Tips for a Healthier Workspace

Eyestrain? Sore back? It's amazing how even small adjustments to your office furniture or work habits can make you more comfortable. To reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance, consider these ten practical ergonomic tips for adapting your workspace and the way you work.

See the light. Task lighting will allow you to adjust the lighting to fit the task at hand. An adjustable task light will help minimize glare and reduce eye strain and headaches. To avoid glare on the screen, place the light to the side of the monitor, not behind or in front of it.

Invest in a quality monitor arm to properly position your screen. To reduce eye strain, place the screen at least 20-30 inches from your face. To reduce neck strain, the screen should be centered at eye level directly in front of you and tilted up a bit so that the screen surface is perpendicular to your face. Invest in a quality monitor arm that will allow you to make these adjustments easily.

Ditch the unsuitable office executive chair. Stick with proper ergonomic seating products. Anything else will greatly increase your chances of injury, caused directly by a fall, or over time, by a muscle strain. Choose a flexible and agile seating experience that supports a range of postures, as well as your need to transition between individual and group work tasks. Adjust the seat so your feet are flat on the floor.

Use a keyboard rest to keep your arms at the proper height. Improperly positioned wrists, arms and shoulders can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Your elbows should be level with the height of the keyboard and your forearms should be parallel to the floor. A keyboard tray can help you achieve an ergonomic position without sacrificing space or leg room. For optimal ergonomics, the mouse platform should also be part of the keyboard tray solution.

Keep moving but leave the treadmill to the gym. Recent studies have shown an increased risk of injury from falls and a loss of productivity and focus for employees who use treadmills in the office. Instead, take a short walk during your lunch break (or even inside the building) or send your print jobs to a place that requires you to get up and walk a short distance while you work.

Change your sitting and standing posture at work. Work in spaces that support working while standing, such as standing-height tables, islands, etc. Use worktops that can be adjusted to accommodate sitting and standing postures. If a "sit-to-stand" worksurface is not available, use a worksurface combination that provides both sitting and standing postures in your primary work environment. Some people prefer to stand during impromptu meetings, phone calls or reading, and sit while working on the computer. Whatever your preference, standing even occasionally during your workday is good for your health.

Give your eyes a break every once in a while. When your eyes are focused on an object in the distance, they encounter optical infinity, in which case the eyes are at complete rest. Also, remember to blink more often. Under normal conditions, people blink 12 to 15 times per minute, but people who read on a screen blink only seven times.

Expose yourself to sunlight. Sunlight, even when filtered through a window, has been shown to improve mood. When walking through your office building, choose a route that is close to a window to get daylight exposure.

Surround yourself with plants. Greenery in your office space can reduce anger and frustration. Place plants in your workspace, or occasionally near greenery in the building during your work.

View the outdoors while you work. A growing body of research shows that views or images of nature can improve memory and concentration. If possible, choose a work location in your building where you can occasionally see the outdoors and natural objects. If this is not possible, use images of nature on your screen saver.

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