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December 12, 2022

Leather furniture for timeless elegance 

How to decorate with leather

When choosing this material, it is not necessary to look at all of them: a few high-quality pieces will suffice.

It can be a leather office sofa, some leather conference chair, some sleeper sofas or ottomans. It represents the ideal furniture for a living room, a lounge, a corporate reception or a hotel lobby.

In managerial offices and doctors'surgeries, leather executive chair is a must: elegant, refined and comfortable, it immediately emphasizes the professionalism and responsibility of the role.

The same applies to meeting rooms, where leather gives importance to the environment and symbolizes prestige.

Leather furniture stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell. They stand out in an understated way and can be the solution for those who are looking for elegance and lasting details.

Synthetic leather: A practical choice

There are different types of leather on the market, each with its own merits and peculiarities.

Synthetic leather is made of fibers (cotton or synthetic) coated with plastic and processed to mimic the texture of natural leather.

Synthetic leather has some interesting advantages, such as being medicinal, antibacterial and highly resistant to stains and weathering. These characteristics therefore make it ideal for outdoor projects where the product is often subjected to various elements.

All types of leather must be treated and dyed before they can be used for furniture. This can be done with natural or synthetic products. In the first case, you get a very refined but equally delicate leather, while in the second case, the leather has a more common but less flattering appearance.

How to choose the right material from the various proposals

Two main factors must be considered: function and material properties. A few simple maintenance tips will help to preserve the natural beauty of the leather and make it even more beautiful over time. There is a deep sensitivity and concern for leather in designer products; this often used material, which can sometimes be difficult to apply, is long-lasting, pliable and well suited to cover armchairs, chairs, sofas or other furniture, maintaining its appearance over a long period of time.

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