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December 19, 2022

Breathe better to work better: the effect of air quality

How often do we think about air quality in our work environment?

It’s no doubt happened to you in your working life.  If there is a group of people working in the same room, there’s always someone who want the window closed and someone else who wants it open, someone who wants the thermostat turned up and someone who can’t live without the air conditioning on.


The goal for everyone is, in reality, to have an office with good air circulation, standard CO2 levels and, in general, low indoor pollution, since ventilation systems with damaged conduits, blow contaminated air back into the room rather than allowing air circulation, spreading bacteria, toxic gases,  fungi, and other pollutant substances  that are present in the building.

 It’s not just a question of comfort. Good air quality improves output and productivity.

How can air quality in the office be improved?

1.Get some fresh air by opening windows

   This advice is only appropriate for certain environments, but it is important to let fresh air in every day.

2.Keep your office clean

  Dust is one of the biggest threats to air quality! Don't just clean the surfaces, check underneath documents and various files as well.

3.Keep humidity levels under control

  Humidity levels should be between 30-50% to prevent the formation of mold and other allergens. The solution? A regular dehumidifier.

4.If necessary, use an air purifier

  An air purifier is absolutely necessary in rooms where windows cannot be opened or where there is a lot of smoke coming in from outside. Preferably an air purifier with      a HEPA filter, which also removes fine particles.

5.Clean/replace air filters regularly

  Air conditioners, dehumidifiers and air purifiers must be cleaned regularly to prevent the formation of dust, mold and other pathogens and/or contaminants.

6.Bring some greenery into the room

  Certain plants clean the air by absorbing carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde.


For companies, it is important to check indoor pollution in warehouses, offices and stores using special environmental parameter monitoring software. These tools allow real-time assessment of air quality, humidity, presence of radon gas, CO2 concentration and other indices.


By knowing which pollutants are present in the indoor air, it is possible to take action to make the working environment healthier for employees and to protect their personal well-being and that of the company.

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