About the structure of chair | Hangjian Chair

August 05, 2022
About the structure of chair | Hangjian Chair

The Structure of Hangjian Office Chair

For every professionals, the office swivel chair is the most common item. It can not only rotate 360° but also lift up and down, which is convenient and comfortable. It can help everyone work more efficiently, improve everyone's work efficiency, and bring a comfortable office environment. For the importance of the swivel chair, I believe many people know that it is very important to choose a good swivel chair. Let's take a look at the purchase knowledgedetails of the swivel chair!

Generally speaking, office swivel chairs can be divided into three series: executive chairs, middle-level chairs and staff chairs. The structural composition of each series of office swivel chairs is different. Among them, the structure of executive chair mainly includes high backrest, casters, soft seating cushion, five-star base, functional mechanisms, gaslift, armrests, etc. The structure of the middle office chair mainly includes mid backrest, casters, soft seating cushion, five-star base, functional mechanisms and gaslift, etc. The structure of the staff chair mainly includes low backrest, casters, soft seating cushion, five-star base, functional mechanisms and gaslift and other components.

Each structural accessory has its own characteristics and functions, which are indispensable:

1. Backrest. The backrest generally consists of a steel or plastic frame and breathable mesh.

2. Castors. Castors can be divided into regular castors and PU castors, among which PU castors are more suitable for wooden floors.

3. Soft seating cushion. it compose by wood, fabric and sponge. 

4. Five-star base. Most of the office swivel chairs use five-star base, and the materials mainly include iron chrome and aluminum alloy. The iron chrome structure is relatively stable, but the bottom is easy to rust, while the aluminum alloy structure is strong, and the surface will dark if only polished for a long time. 

5. Functional mechanisms. The mechanisms is the part that holds up the base, and the lower part is connected with the gaslift.

6.Gaslift. Gaslift, also known as lift bars, can be used to adjust the height and rotation of  the swivel chair.

Basically, the structure of the office swivel chair includes the above parts, and some swivel chairs also include headrests, armrests and other components, all of which are to improve the comfort of the swivel chair. So we recommend that you should consider more comprehensively when purchasing an office swivel chair. If you are a person who loves to sweat, try to choosinstead of a leathe a mesh swivel chair er fabric. In addition, it is necessary to consult the parameters of the swivel chair in detail, whether it can be raised and lowered, whether the backrest can be adjusted, and understand the after-sales service. Only in this way can you choose a suitable chair for yourself.

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