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August 13, 2022

Newly established companies generally need to purchase office furniture, but when purchasing office furniture, they will encounter problems of one kind or another, such as the problem of purchasing office furniture that is not good. Is there any suggestion or methods?Of course,we have.

How to identify the quality of office furniture

1. See if the office furniture layout is firm or not


When negotiating the purchase of office furniture such as desks and file cabinets, it is necessary to check the frame layout is firm or not, whether there are grooves, and whether the glue is careful. If no glue is applied, the base frame will be loose and deformed.

2. See if the workmanship is exquisite or not


The quality of office furniture depends on the details. The exquisite level of furniture workmanship is the key factor that affects the quality of furniture products. Check whether the surface quality of the office sofa can pass the test or not; what is the level of the straight and curved dental floss on the outer edge of the sofa? Whether there is a jumper phenomenon; whether the cover used in the interior is made of old cloth and dirty leather. Soft furniture recommends that everyone carefully check the filling and the level of workmanship in the interior.

3. See if there is a problem of cutting corners or not


Some office furniture comes with accessories, you must check carefully to see if there are anything missing, otherwise, at the time of using, the lack of arms and legs will affect its abnormal use.

Precautions for buying office furniture;

1. Smell with your nose

Many low-quality office furniture uses low-quality materials and adhesive glues, which contain toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, which often emit a strong and irritating odor. Do not buy such office furniture.


2. Look at the edge

Do not buy furniture made of artificial boards without edge sealing. Only with edge sealing can the board itself be prevented from volatilizing harmful gases and the board from being damaged by moisture and other unfavorable factors.


3. Compare the price

It is not to blindly choose low-priced products, especially office furniture that is particularly easy to bargain. Since it can be sold to you at a low price, it means that it is low-cost. If it is low-cost, it must be cutting corners.


4. Look at the certificate

It depends on whether the office furniture manufacturer has a factory inspection or quality inspection certificate, whether it has passed the IS09001 quality system certification,the ISO4001 environmental system certification, occupational health and safety certification, China environmental labeling product certification, etc. If there is no such certificate, then Don't buy it!


5. Sign the contract

When buying furniture, be sure to sign a purchase contract, and don't forget to explain in the contract that if there are problems such as indoor air pollution after installation and use, you must be able to return it and pay the inspection fee to protect your rights.


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