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September 13, 2022

Selection of office chairs need to consider the 4 important factors

People work for about 40 years of their lives, 230 days a year, 8 hours a day, counting the total number of hours sitting in an office chair up to 75,000 hours. A comfortable office chair is important for health, more and more people have realized that.

So How should we choose an office chair?


Security is the main concern is the stability of the gas lift, usually choose office chairs need to know whether the gas lift has passed professional testing certification, as a chair in a more important part, the gas lift must be certified by the safety.

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The comfort of the chair is a test of the chair material and chair ergonomic design. At present, the main materials are mesh, PU leather and leather, etc., we can choose according to their actual situation when buying. Leather chairs have a more business sense, business office is more suitable. Now most of the office chair backrest is ergonomic design, can be a good support for every fulcrum of the human body, is to decide whether we sit down after the important factor of comfort.

HANGJIAN leather executive chair

3.Adjustment function

For people with long office needs, the adjustment function of the chair is particularly important, the headrest, armrests, back, cushion, four points of adjustment can be very good to help us disperse the upper body pressure, soothing our spine.

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4. Bottom

The bottom box control the angle of the chair back or forward, as well as the degree of softness. Whether sitting, working, or backward, can make the consumer's waist and back to get the most comfortable support; bottom support material, using metal can withstand greater weight, sturdiness is also better. Office chairs are also essential to focus on the legs. Generally choose the five claw design of the chair foot office chair, so more to ensure the stability of the whole chair. Chair sliding will be more smooth, is also the most commonly used design on the market today.

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